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Two-Weeks To Go!

The answer is getting more clear… AMERICA HAS GONE SERIOUSLY OFF-COURSE: Significant revelations are surfacing about Hillary Clinton’s lies, her wanting “Open Borders”, her “Wall Street Insider” connections, the Clinton Foundation “Pay to Play”, “Bill Clinton, Inc”,”Selling American Uranium to Russia”, “Voter Fraud:, “Rally Disturbances”, etc. that are not widely or accurately reported to many  Full Article…

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Benghazi Rescue Never Sent

According to the Republican Benghazi Report there was no rush to help our people who were under attack in the Benghazi Embassy on September 11, 2012. The military Fast Response Team sat on the runway for 3-hours and changed from uniforms to civilian attire 4-times. California Congressman Xavier Becerra on FoxNewsSunday July 3, 2016 said  Full Article…

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Benghazi – Example of the Obama and Clinton Playbook

The House Republican’s Benghazi report issued June 28, 2016 pertaining to the September 11, 2012 US Embassy terrorist attack outlines many examples of the Obama and Clinton Playbook: Lie, cover-up, delay and misdirect. It is difficult to understand why the “Video Story” has not been corrected. It is even more difficult to understand why a  Full Article…

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Orlando Massacre – Guantanamo Detainees Treated as Muslims?

The controversy about Obama and his Administration NOT using the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism” is warranted. It is impossible to understand or defend the degree of political correctness/obfuscation they aggressively market. The total cover-up and disconnect of Islam for USA terror events undermines our safety. It is ironic, however, that ALL detainees at Guantanamo are  Full Article…

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California Prop 50 Tells the Story – Idiocracy is Here!

California voters on June 7, 2016 gave state lawmakers the ability to suspend their colleagues’ pay along with their voting power when legislators are accused of wrongdoing while in office.It was the only Statewide ballot measure in the Primary and was proposed by lawmakers who asked voters to give them greater latitude to judge their  Full Article…

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IRS Admits Targeting Conservative Groups

The Internal Revenue Service on May 7, 2016 apologized for targeting groups in election-year 2012 with “tea party” or “patriot” in their names, confirming long-standing accusations by some conservatives that their applications for tax-exempt status were being improperly delayed and scrutinized. At least 300 groups were targeted and many were harassed and delayed so long  Full Article…

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State Department Admits Editing Video

The US State Department admitted on June 1,2016 that the exchange between former department spokeswoman Jen Psaki and Fox Newon June 2nd that the department has hit a “dead end” in its own probe to find out who requested the editing. “We believe we’ve carried out the necessary investigation,” State spokesman Mark Toner said. “We  Full Article…

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Wisconsin Democrats Conducted “John Doe” Investigations

A secret investigative process was used by Milwaukee County prosecutors in recent years to probe conservative groups and Gov. Scott Walker. They sought and received secret subpoenas or warrants to seize the email, phone, and text records of 17 people. The subpoenas and warrants were served on a multitude of Internet service providers and cellular  Full Article…

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75 Year Release of Clinton Emails Could Be Done In Months

BACKGROUND: The State Department on June 6, 2016 defended its claim that releasing all the emails sought by the Republican National Committee (RNC) would take 75 years. The RNC has sued the State Department under FOIA, seeking all emails to or from four aides to former Secretary Hillary Clinton from 2009 to 2013. The State  Full Article…

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Federal Government Control Circa 1864

It seems that the Washington politicians in the 1860’s rushed to make Nevada a Federal Territory in 1861 because they needed help defeating slavery in advance of the Civil War. The 15,000+ people of Nevada were considered primarily Republican and anti-slavery. Getting Nevada’s Territorial Delegate into Congress would provide 1 more VOTE. Once Nevada became  Full Article…

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Federal Spending

We have all become numb to the “ticking” $19+ Trillion Federal Deficit Counter. What a sad icon this Counter has become! How often do we hear any meaningful discussion of why the Federal Government can’t reduce any costs even though they spend over $1 Trillion more each year than prior Federal Administrations? We only spend  Full Article…

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Personal Freedom and Government Control

How many countries have forced their automakers to install vehicle tracking devices that allow their National Security Agency (NSA) to keep track of vehicle travel by satellite wherever it goes, and know where it is and where it was, forever? General Motors (GM) piloted this concept with ONSTAR years ago. How many countries are building  Full Article…

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District of Crime (-aka- DC)

How good are the “Facts” and “Talking Points” in the Washington, DC Public Square? Do Politicians “peel-back” issues to surface the full measure of importance, risk, appropriateness, concern, priority or veracity pertaining to what’s going on in Washington? Why has nothing been resolved on so many important issues: IRS, NSA. Benghazi, ObamaCare, Keystone Pipeline, ICANN  Full Article…

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ObamaCare MRI

What is the National Health Care Model being implemented in ObamaCare. Many talk about ObamaCare being Euro-Socialist-Like Health Care. Does the EU, UK, Australia, and Canada have a system that automatically links ALL citizens to full National Medical Records Systems, National Income Tax Systems, National Health Systems and National Security Systems? Seems more Communist than  Full Article…

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American Voters “2016 Call To Action”

We believe America Voters must focus on achieving the following: Small Federal Government (Strong State Government); Fiscal Restraint (Deficit Reduction, Entitlement Reform, Balanced Budgets and Low Taxes); Strong Military; Education Reform (including State Control); Tax Reform (Only Simple Flat Tax or Only National Sales Tax); Reduced Regulation; ObamaCare Re-structuring; Energy Independence by 2020; Term Limits;  Full Article…

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USA Civilian National Security Force

Barack Obama said the following in several campaign speeches in 2008: “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” Could this relate to the Department  Full Article…

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Barack Obama Chicago Connections

Before Barack Obama became know on the National scene he was politically active in Chicago beginning in 1985 after leaving Occidental College in Los Angeles. This post outlines our understanding of some key friends, supporters and political operatives in Chicago. Click HERE to view a PDF showing the connections of the below group of people.  Full Article…

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Frank Marshall Davis

Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party USA, mentored Barack Obama seven or more years while Obama was growing up as a youth in Hawaii. Davis also was in Chicago later working with Valerie Jarrett’s Father-in-Law Vernon when Obama was there as an adult.

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Barack Obama “Birther Controversy”

The “Birther Controversy” basically centers around two questions: 1) Can Barack Obama legally be President if he was not born in the USA?, and 2) Is his Birth Certificate Phony? Some interested parties have other questions to consider. The “not born in the USA” question has standing because Barack Obama would not qualify as a  Full Article…

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Growing Up in Indonesia

Barack Obama spent his childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia in the late 1960’s after his mother married an Indonesian Muslim she met at the University of Hawaii. He initially attended Catholic schools which were popular with Western foreigners but later he attended Indonesian Government schools that practiced and taught Islam.

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Family Background

President Obama’s father was Barack Hussein Obama, Sr (a black from Kenya, Africa who was an Atheist but previously was Muslim), and his mother was Ann Dunham, a white Atheist from Kansas. His parents met while they were both attending the University of Hawaii. His father was married four times and had seven sons and  Full Article…

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Welcome to This site consolidates and shares information to better understand what the “Barack America” is all about. Some “older” content is included to provide a perspective. Our goal is to surface issues that can be a “punch list” for action. We believe that Conservatives must focus on achieving the following: Small Federal Government  Full Article…

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